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RETA-IC 2023

            The Rubber-Elastomer Technology Association (RETA) will hold the first RETA International Conference (RETA-IC 2023) between March 2nd – 3rd, 2023 at the Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok. This conference aims at identifying links and creating relationships between researchers from academia and industry to create advances in the science and technology of rubber and elastomers and build cooperation.

            The association recognizes the importance of developing knowledge and creating innovations in rubber and elastomer technology including creating a networks between the academic and industrial. It provides a platform to disseminate the scientific knowledge to the society and enable them to use these research findings in order to develop new technology. The association will invite world-renowned scientists and young scientists with outstanding achievements to be the leading speakers to serve as examples and motivators for the development of research in the country, as well as to create cooperation and the transfer of new technologies to researchers from both academia and industry in the country continuously.

            The RETA-IC 2023 Conference has two important parts; the first part is the presentation of research by guest scientists, lectures by researchers from academia and industry including a presentation of researchers by poster presentation. The second part is the exhibitions featured both engineering and technology from rubber and elastomer industries which is a supporting part of the seminar.


Important Dates

Abstract Submission
  • Submission Deadline : February 10, 2023
  • Acceptance Notification : February 15, 2023

Registration Dates

  • Early : February 15, 2023
  • Regular : March 2 – 3, 2023


Pathumwan Princess Hotel

444 MBK Center, Phayathai Road, Wang Mai, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Telephone: (+66) 2216 3700 See more information at https://www.pprincess.com/

Program & Hi-lights


March 2, 2023

March 3, 2023




Dinner Talk







EC P-EC0017 End of Life and Circular Economy of Rubber and Polymeric Products Mr. Peeraphong Pokphat Photo-biodegradation and phytotoxicity assessment of natural rubber and natural rubber gloves
  P-EC008 End of Life and Circular Economy of Rubber and Polymeric Products Mr. Atthawich Prasongporn The effect of natural rubber on biodegradation of polylactic acid/natural rubber blown film
RG P-RG006 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Mr. Wasupon Wongvitvichot Enhancing Impurities Removal Efficiency by Green Adsorbent
  P-RG0022 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Miss Keavalin Jitkokkruad Improved cushion property of natural rubber latex foam using potassium oleate for fresh produce pack
  P-RG0024 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Assoc Prof Manisara Phiriyawirut Cellulose whiskers from banana peel reinforced Para rubber adhesive bonded Para rubber wooden joint
  P-RG0042 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Mr. Teerapat Anupabphan Mechanical properties of pyrolysis carbon black in engine mount application
  P-RG0043 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Mr. Patakorn Pilasen From Thermoplastic Starch to Vitrimer: A Solution to retard Retrogradation via Dynamic Crosslink Network
  P-RG0044 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Mr. Ratthapit Wuttisarn Molecular Design and Synthesis of Amino Acid-based Poly(ester amide) Elastomer: A New Concept to obtain Bio-derived Elastomer
  P-RG0045 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Miss Sukanya Khammak Effects of silane coupling agent contents on cure characteristics and mechanical properties of eco-friendly parawood sawdust/natural rubber composites
  P-RG0047 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Mr. Watunyu Thanongsak Branching Structured PLA-based Shape Memory Polymer
  P-RG0048 Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials Miss Supattra Khemlek Heat Resistant Biocatalyst Microcapsules with Moisture-Induced Swelling and Thermally-Induced Controlled Release Functions
SN P-SN0025 Sustainability of Natural Rubber and Social Impacts Mr. KORYU KAWATANI Potential of Rubber Seed Oil for Producing Biodiesel Fuel in Thailand
  P-SN0033 Sustainability of Natural Rubber and Social Impacts Miss Piyada Suwandittakul Progress of production trials of low-protein NR gloves
  P-SN0036 Sustainability of Natural Rubber and Social Impacts Mr. Suriyakamon Montha Ultra-low-ammonia Latex
TE  P-TE0021 Rubber Technology and Engineering Miss chananchida pongpakdee The influence of processing parameters on the process and product properties of PLA/NR blown films
AP P-AP0031 Science Advancement and Prospects of Rubber and Elastomer Mr. Karl Albright Zabala Tiston 3D Printing of Conductive and Stretchable Double Network Hydrogel for Strain Sensor
  P-AP0049 Science Advancement and Prospects of Rubber and Elastomer Miss Pacharawan Siri EFFECT OF POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL ON MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF NITRILE GLOVES
MC P-MC004  Rubber Materials and Composites Dr. Chesidi Hayichelaeh Towards non-toxic and eco-friendly truck tires through the use of bio-oils as an alternative process oil
  P-MC0026  Rubber Materials and Composites Miss Namthip Bureewong Preparation and Characterization of Natural Rubber/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Rubber-Based Composites  with Bio-Hydroxyapatite
  P-MC0029  Rubber Materials and Composites Miss Natthawadee Jiamkosit Effect of Fish scales on mechanical properties of grafted natural rubber.
  P-MC0037 Rubber Materials and Composites Miss Pichaya  Rumjuan Effect of Filler Content on properties of poly (methacrylic acid-co-N-(hydroxymethyl)acrylamide)-grafted deproteinized natural rubber 
  P-MC0038 Rubber Materials and Composites Mr. Pongsakorn Malayarom Effect of Stereocomplexation by Using PDLA on Heat Resistance of PLA/NR Blends
  P-MC0039  Rubber Materials and Composites Mr. Jittinun Saenpoowa Design and fabrication of thermal neutron shielding materials based on natural rubber and boron carb
  P-MC0040  Rubber Materials and Composites Miss Usasawan Plengnok  Mechanical Properties and Cure Characteristics of Nanocellulose/Natural Rubber Composites: Effects of Surface Treatment and Filler Content

Coming Soon

Presentation guideline

“Rubber and Green Materials for Sustainable Society”

Oral Presentation guideline


Oral presentations of volunteered papers are 20 minutes including Q&A.

All presenters must bring their PowerPoint & PDF presentation on a USB memory one hour before their presentation to have it pre-loaded on the session computers. Individual presentations then begin with the click of a mouse.

All events are conducted in English


Poster Presentation guideline


Please have your poster prepared in advance. It is strongly recommended that your poster is made of a material that can be held by the pins which will be available at the Help Desk 

  • The dimensions of the poster board are A0 (Length: 1189mm * Width: 841mm).
  • Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors' names and affiliations as stated in the submitted abstract.
  • The text and illustrations should be bold and large enough to read from a distance of two meters (six feet).
  • Posters should be mounted and removed by the participants as per the time slot allotted to him/her.
  • The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for posters that are not removed on time.


The criteria for the Best Poster Presentation Award are


  • Clarity of submitted abstract
  • Importance of the work
  • Novelty of the work
  • Level of completion of the work
  • Uniqueness or originality of the research topic
  • Ability of the presenter to explain the work


We will select one best Poster presentation and one poster presentation. The awards shall be announced during the conference at the end of conference, and the names of award winners will be published in conference News.



Registration Date

  • Early : February 15, 2023
  • Regular : March 2 – 3, 2023


Registration fees


Early registration
Regular registration
General Participant
3,200 THB
2,500 THB
3,700 THB
3,000 THB
Student Participant
2,200 THB
2,000 THB
2,500 THB
2,300 THB
Single Day Registration
1,500 THB

Note: The registration fee includes the following;
  •   - Attendance to all sessions
  •   - Coffee breaks and lunches during the conference days
  •   - Admission to cocktail party on Friday night

Payment of the registration fee and any other applicable fees should be made to the beneficiary, preferably before February 25, 2023

        - All bank charges must be covered by the transmitter.
        - Confirmation of registration upon receipt of payment.

  • Payments can be made either by
  • Cashier Cheque:

  “Rubber-Elastomer Technology Association”
   Bangkok Bank

Bank transfer, please use the following

        - Account: Rubber-Elastomer Technology Association
        - Account Number:  243-0-70269-2         
        - Account Type: Savings
        - Bank Name: Bangkok Bank
        - Branch: Ramkhamhaeng road soi 28
        - BankSwift code: BKKBTHBK

  • Cancellation policy

    Refund requests can be submitted to the Conference Secretariat. 50% refund can be granted if notification of cancellation has reached the conference secretariat before. February 15, 2023 No refunds can be granted after this date. Refunds will be processed after the conference.


“Rubber and Green Materials for Sustainable Society”

We invite submissions on a wide range of research topics, spanning both theoretical and systems research. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

EC : End of Life and Circular Economy of Rubber and Polymeric Products

  •   - Rubber degradation
  •   - LCA
  •   - Recycle/reclaim
  •   - Other related fields

RG : Environmentally Friendly Rubber and Green Materials

  •   - Green polymers and elastomer
  •   - Bio-based materials
  •   - Other related fields

SN : Sustainability of Natural Rubber and Social Impacts

  •   - Low NH3 latex
  •   - Protein allergy solution
  •   - NR green solutions
  •   - Other related fields

TE : Rubber Technology and Engineering

  •   - Rubber modification
  •   - Engineering design and processing integration
  •   - Molding technology
  •   - Other related fields

AP : Science Advancement and Prospects of Rubber and Elastomer

  •   - Latex and glove processing
  •   - Smart and innovative materials
  •   - Structural characterizations
  •   - Other related fields

MC : Rubber Materials and Composites

  •   - Carbon black
  •   - Processing oils
  •   - Additives
  •   - Rubber green composites
  •   - Other related fields

Special Offer: Accommodation for students (presenters only) from metropolises, other provinces, and overseas.

Important Date

Submission Deadline

February 10, 2023

Acceptance Notification

February 15, 2023

Early Registration

February 15, 2023

Conference Date

March 2-3, 2023



For the authors who don't expect any publication of the paper, you're welcome to submit the abstracts for presentation at the conference without publication.

Only original papers will be considered. The manuscripts must not be previously published or accepted for publication elsewhere. It must not be under review by any other conference or publication during the review cycle.

Length and Paper Format

Submitted papers should be written in English, including all figures, tables, references, and appendices. ordinary length limits are 5-14 pages.

For detailed paper format information, please download: Abstract Template



Poster Presentation Size

Poster Stand (Height* Width): A0 (1189mm*841mm)

Here are tips of self-check as below:

  • Please make sure that the paper is of interest to the conference.
  • Please check the spelling and formal style to avoid misspellings or syntactical errors.
  • Please make sure that English language of the paper should be of sufficient quality to be understood.
  • Please ensure that the layout conforms with the abstract / paper template of the conference.
  • Please make sure all individuals who have contribute substantially to the work have been listed as authors.
  • Please ensure the version of the manuscript to be submitted has been agreed by all authors.

After acceptance, presenters must register and pay within a certain period time.

Submitted abstracts will be checked for topic relevance, any problems about the submissions, please contact to contact@retathailand.com

Acceptance Notification on February 15, 2023

Coming soon


Hotel 1

Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Deluxe Classic

Comfortable, modern and environmentally-friendly rooms with spectacular views of Bangkok’s skyline.
  • - 2 Adults + 2 Children
  • - 33sq.m
  • - City View
  • Single room (one person)   3,000 THB Net./Night
    Double room (two person)  3,300 THB Net./Night

1. This special rate is offered through the RETA-IC2023 only
2. Payment has to be done directly to the hotel when checking out
3. Only 15 rooms are available (first comes first served)


Hotel 1

CU iHouse

Free accommodation at CU-iHouse (first come first serve)

3-night accommodation free for students (only presenters)
(only 10 rooms, 2 persons per room (allocation set by the committee), for students from abroad and Thai students from other provinces apart from BKK)
- 25 square meter studio room (two 3-feet double beds)
- 1 bedroom 1 bathroom
- Check-in on March 1, 2023
- Check-out on March 4, 2023 before 12:00 am.

Chulalongkorn Soi9 (700 meters from Pathumwan Princess Hotel)


Conveniently placed at the centre of Bangkok, the hotel is located within minutes’ reach from the city’s airports. You can easily get here without a hassle though both private and public transportation or even opt for the hotel’s curated transportation modes. You can also take advantage of the wide range of transportation methods offered by the hotel and enjoy absolute convenience in getting around.

  • - Guests can easily find taxis at the airports’ entrances. A charge might be levied by the airports which will be later added to your fare and all taxis are metered.
    - Rail link to the hotelTake the Airport Link from the airport’s Basement Level and go to the Phayathai terminal station.

  • Guests can easily find taxis at the airports’ entrances. A charge might be levied by the airports which will be later added to your fare and all taxis are metered.

  • From the Airport Link’s Phayathai terminal, take the BTS train that travels to Siam station, then interchange to trains going to the National Stadium station where you will be getting down. Once you get off the train, Go to exit 4 of the station and straight to MBK Shopping Center’s second floor. Then head to the hotel’s second-floor entrance which is just a few minutes walk away. Interchange to Phayathai BTS station.

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